Origami Project

Hello,My name is Midori.I have 6 years old daughter and 2 years old son and we are Japanese.

I know you have all heard about thedevastating tragedy in Japan: an earthquake spurred a tsunami, and a nuclearpower plant was perilously affected. There is fear and destruction everywhere. Many deaths; many more missing.

Please help to save our fellow friends and families in Japan.They are parents like us, with children like ours.

THOUSANDS of people are waiting for rescue. 

To assist in reaching people with food andgoods, I was hoping we could raise donations.


You may donate through the American Red Cross

via theirwebsite: www.RedCross.org,

or simply TEXT the word "RedCross" to number"90999" to donate $10.  Very easy. 

The $10 donation will automatically be charged to your next cell phone bill.

 As another option, Amazon.com, also have avenues for donation.


To get the kids involved, it is a Japanese ritual to make birds made of origami, or "papercranes," which is a symbol of HOPE and PEACE and GOOD LUCK in Japan.  I can show you and/or your children how to create these, if you would like to help share these symbols to spread our message of HOPE.

Please contact me directly leave your message on this "comment" below,about this origami project and/or with any questions you may have.

I deeply appreciate your concern, and I'm grateful to be part of such a giving community in L.A. 

1)What's "Origami Project"?

We are planning to have Origami Activity that we teach children how to make a paper crane and explain the meaning of it in each classroom or school in mainly West Hollywood and Korean Town.
If your teacher and principal allow us to have time for Origami Activity in their class,
I will arrange the activity with some Japanese friends.

2)Do we send these paper cranes to Japanese victims?

We may be able to send these paper cranes to victims in Japan when children want to do so.
However serious victims have no contact,such as telephone line,internet connection at this moment.
Also the primary thing for logistic companies right now is to deliver reliefs to victims as soon as possible.
We have to wait for a while till they're ready to receive.
It's wonderful idea that children send message with these paper crane,I 
strongly think so.
I hope that we would be able to send our paper cranes to Japanese children in affected area.

Are you organizing a food drive for the quake victims?
It is honestly too difficult to send many food from USA now.
We are not planning to collect any goods and foods for victims in Japan.

Thank you for reading all.

Hope for Japan


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「遠い日本という国で起こった出来事」 よりも



Pray for Japan



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Text REDCROSS to 90999 to Give $10






Text REDCROSS to 90999 to Give $10
Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami

On March 11, an earthquake struck Japan near the city of Sendai, which caused damage and generated a powerful tsunami which struck northern Japan and spread across the Pacific. 

Your $10 gift to the American Red Cross will support our disaster relief efforts to help those affected by the earthquake in Japan and tsunami throughout the Pacific. On those rare occasions when donations exceed American Red Cross expenses for a specific disaster, contributions are used to prepare for and serve victims of other disasters.

Charges will appear on your wireless bill, or be deducted from your prepaid balance. All purchases must be authorized by account holder. Message & Data Rates May Apply. Text STOP to 90999 to STOP. Text HELP to 90999 for HELP. To see the full terms applicable to donations, please visit www.mgive.org/T. Receipts for donations are available at www.mgive.org/receipt.

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